Tell me something about the history of the band
Well, we started playing together in 1998 I guess.I met Tom (bass) at school, and he was already playing in a I joined them.At that time we were a foursome doing stoner rock and mixed it up with emocore stuff.We were playing local shows and when everybody left the country for their studies, the band just splitted.That was something around 2000.Then three years later, something around 2003, we were speaking about playing together again.But we didn't keep our old songs, and just started writing new ones.Furthermore we also began singing and screaming, which was eally new to us, because we had been playing only intrumental music in the past.

What kind of music do you play?
It's difficult to say , because we mix everything we like, and we listen to a lot of music.We are often decribed as an emocore/mathrock band with mid 90's influences.But we call it instant rock because of the way we write our songs, and our approach to our music.Most riffs,and songs, are written together in our rehearsal room, while we are playing or jaming.A lot of songs weren't expected, they just came out like that.We try not to worry about what sounds right or not, we just try to do honest and emotional music.

Which releases did you do?
So far we have released one 7", an E.P., and a split cd.The 7" is a split with tvesla, which is a very good local act from luxembourg.The guy from christophers records came up with this idea of doing a split with them.And as they were good friendsn of us, it felt natural to do something with them.Shortly after that, we released a 5 songs E.p., by our own,called the yeah!demo.Our latest release is a split cd with defunct band actarus.They are nice guys we use to hang with a lot, and I recorded them shortly after they splitted.So everybody was convinced to do a split together.We were able to find some labels willing to help us, like noiseworks records, a new luxembourg based label, 213 rec. from france and guided by format from denmark.Right now we are working on a split 7" with the german screamo band "collin kramer".We recorded them in april, and the whole recordings should be finished soon.By the way, Tom and me , do all our recordings, we never go to a recording studio.It took us a little do get all the gear to do that, but it's so good to have all the time you want to record and experiment with the sound.

How's the scene in your country?
The scene?Well, there are a lot of bands in our country, of course you have defdump or newer bands like d.a.d.a.o.e.s., who manage to play a lot of shows outside of our small country, but there is a lot more bands who play good music and you don't hear of them.I guess the problem is, their hasn't ever been a real music scene in luxembourg in the past.This is all pretty new to us, and I wonder if it is a scene already.Cause, it seems like everybody is working alone, and for his own means,so, maybe we should learn to share a little more and to work together.But you have collectives like schalltot or winged skull who organise a lot of shows, mostly foreign acts,which is good, because it opens the doors, people outside of luxembourg hear about our country and about what is going on there.

I've read that your country is the richest country of Europe, how does it feel to be part of one of the richest countries in Europe?
That's right!Luxembourg is very rich.So hows does it feel?When you live here, you don't really realise how good your situation is.Most people earn enough money to have a confortable life, they buy big cars, a sweet home, and that's it.I feel like Luxembourg is very boring in a way.It's a cool country to have a regular life.

Is Luxembourg a great country to live in?
As I said, it's a confortable and rich country

Did you (or the other guys in your band) played other bands before Eyston?
We all started to play music when we were around 16 years old.Tom and Laurent payed in the same bands from the beginning on.They both play more than 10 years music together, and I think you can really see it on how strong they play together.Before we started Eyston, all of us played in a band called weird and then in an other called toyler.The three of us also played in other bands and side projects like nove, tchaka,pandha,hijack......Right now Laurent has an electro-acoustic project called Jantar, and I try to do electronica music under the name perudo.

What do you do in dialy live or do you live off your band?
Well,Tom and me are working and Laurent is still studying.We play music togehter nearly every evening.And when we don't play music, we produce our music, record it, mix it,or just try to find dates to play.Our music really takes us a lot of time,and it's nearly a ful time job.But that's what makes us happy.But we still find the time do go out, make party,see our girlfriends. think it's important to have some distance sometimes towards the band, it brings some fresh air...

I've read that you played several shows in the BENELUX, do you have plans for touring in the future?
Defenetly,we would really like to tour as much as possible, but it's very difficult, because we don't get a lot of response.I guess, it's because people haven't heard a lot about luxembourgish bands yet, but it's really hard to put up a tour for us.We are planning a one week tour for september thru France,Belgium,the Netherlands and Germany, but we still need a lot of dates.....

What's your favorite dish?
Capeletti panna proscuito

What kind of music/bands do you personally like?
A lot, from Jazz to Electronica....rock , hardcore, indie rock,postrock.............the 90 day men,from monuments to masses, off minor, party of helicopters......

What makes you choke? What do you hate? -Anything else to add?
I hate people who aren't open-minded .

thanx a lot for making this interview possible