How did you guys started?
In the spring of 1999 the guitarplayer of the Hoogeveen band Venders of Smut got converted to christianity. His punkrocklive was over, but the rest of the band decided to continue. The line-up was Dennis(drums), Rick (bass), Michel (guitar). At first they wanted to do the singing themselves, but a flexible-walk-by-substitute-worker from Groningen (Eva) was much easier. Dennis left, came back and left again for good in the spring of 2001. In this time we also had a second guitarplayer: Martijn. The gap that Dennis left was filled with Bart in the summer of 2001. In July 2004 Bart got converted to an easier lifestyle and got replaced by Michael who already temporary saved our asses back in 2001 for a while.

What bands/people inspired you to play HC/crust?
Bands: early English peacepunk and 80's US hardcore.

What releases did you do so far?
Niemand Weet Wat De Toekomst Brengt 10" (2003)
Makiladoras / Radio Bikini 7" EP (2004)
2001-2004 Discography CD (2005)
In Eigen Hand 12" + CD (2005)
One song on Maximaal Onthaal compilation CD (2002)

Makiladoras - In Eigen Hand LP + CD out now!

Makiladoras - Discography 2001-2004 CD out now!

What are your songs about/Do you have a certain message in your songs?
They are a way to get rid of frustrations. They are about things like social inequality; people that force you to be nice and friendly; work(our national religion); Maxima (our national daughter-in-law) and racism (our new national passtime). Most lyrics are in dutch, the native language of Michael and Eva.

Any thing else to add...
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