MALIGNANT TUMOUR – interview 2001

Well, the second interview in this zine is an interview with Bilos of Malignant tumour from the Czech Republic. I wanted to do this interview, because Malignant Tumour left a great impact on me when I saw them performing live in the Netherlands and Belgium. Raw mincecore as fuck!

1)Hello Bilos, before we start, can you tell me something about yourself?
Cheers Koen! First of all let me give a big hello to all our friends in the Netherlands. I really like your country. So, let’s go to the questions. I’m twenty-four years old man, little bit fatty. My hobbies are political mince/punkcore and some anarchistic activities. In MALIGNANT TUMOUR I play bass and I do the vocals.

2) What’s the current line up of MALIGNANT TUMOUR?
Since spring 2000 the line up is:
- Bilos – Bass/Vocals
- Marek – Guitar/Vocals
- Michal – Drums
I’m the only orginal member but I think this line-up is really stron. Marek also plays in a band called PURULENT SPERMCANAL and Michal in CARNAL DIAFRAGMA> Both bands are grindcore without lyrics.

2) Can you tell me how you guys started and where you got the inspiration from to start a band?
Ha, our beginnings were hard and funny as always. We started a noisecore band and we were inspired by tons of great bands like AGATHOCLES, old-NAPALMDEATH, RIPCORD, ANAL CUNT and many more. We started the band ‘coz we were inspired by our friend who were playing in bands (mostly metal/mosh), but we wanted some more nois and extreme music, so we started MALIGNANT TUMOUR.

3) I know that MALIGANT TUMOUR was a gore-grind band and then you changed into a political mince/grindcoreband, can you tell me why and how this happened?
As I said before, we started as a noisecore band. After a year, we wanted to be a more serious band, so we did a style change to medical/pathological grindcore like CARCASS, old PATHOLOGIST or PUNGENT STENCH. After some years we (especially me) wanted to make lyrics more seriously about topics that interests me. Ha, we had a lot of enemies after this change. Especially here in the Czech Republic but we don’t care! You must know that I’m more into the punk/mince/grindcore scene then into the metal/mosh/HC (new school). Anyway. I was bored with pathological lyrics, because it was my work. I worked as a mortuary technician in a hospital. Furthermore, I know some ‘so-called’ goregrind bands who have stupid homophobic and sexistic lyrics. Thank you, but I don’t want to be part of this!

4) You also played in countries like the Netherlands and Belgium. Did you like to play here and what is the difference from a public here and a public back in your country?
Yes, we totally love your country and also Belgium. We have a lot of frineds there and our gigs our mostly very good and intensive. Also in your country people are reading our lyrics and sometimes we discuss with them. But this happens mostly at pnk/hardcore/grindcore gigs, not at death-metal shows where we sometimes also play. I think that the difference between our gigs in our country and yours aren’t so big. But I think that in the Czech-Republic we aren’t ‘so popular’ as abroad.

5) How is the Czech-Republic hardcore/grindcore scene?
Growing day by day, I think. Lots of people and bands are really active in the DIY scene and people seem to be more aware then before. Also cooperation between bands is better. I like tons of bands like GRIDE, DREAD 101, THE PUBLIC, PANGS OF REMORSE, DESPECT, HOW LONG?, CEREBRAL TURBULENCY, NOT! and lots of others….

6) How is the political situation in the Czech-Republic right now and does it affect your own life and has it any influence on the existing scene we talked about?
Hmmmm, hard question for me. I think that the political situation these days look like big chaos. There are some problems with public television and some politics says that there must be freedom of words in massmedias but I think that there never will be freedom of words, because if somebody show the right face of the system, so he (or she) is indicated as dangerous for our democracy. Yes, I think when the political situation stays the same, people must destroy this piece of shit. The scene overhere is more resisting and aware. Yes, I believe in a global revolution!

7) How is MALIGNANT TUMOUR doing now? How many concerts you have to do in Czech and in other countries and how about releases so far and what can we expect in the future?
Now we still rehearse and making new songs for our upcoming debut album on UXICON RECORDS. This album will be called “McDonaldization”. At them oment, our gig activity is not so big, some gigs here and at December 2000, we played in Holland with SUPPOSITORY. We are preparing a tour in July 2001 for MALIGNANT TUMOUR and DISFIGURED CORPSE. Sure we’ll play in Holland again. Our next release will be out soon. Right now, a split-7”EP with UNHOLY GRAVE is released and soon there will be a split-7”EP with AGATHOCLES. We’re also planning to do some splittapes and also a split-LP but these are only plans, nothing seriously yet.

8) Well, this is the end of the interview. Thanx very much, if you have something to add, add it right here…
Thanx a lot Koen for this nice interview. I wish you all the best with your zine and also with the band. Hope to see you again. If somebody wants something from us, please feel free to write!

This interview is done some years ago for COMPREHENSION issue #2. After this interview, Bilos went to live in The Netherlands for some years and started with MALIGNANT TUMOUR again with dutch members. We played some shows with them once and that was a coll thing to do! Now Bilos is back in Czech with the orginal line up of MALIGNANT TUMOUR I think. They released several EP’s, tapes and also a album (or two). Some stuff I got in stock (or second hand like the “Equality?” EP, split-EP with Bloodsuckers and a tape of their album “Dawn of a new beginning) Feel free to ask!