The first interview in this issue of COMPREHENSION will be an interview with a new band from Germany called PISSED YOUTH. They play noisy fastcore. They’ve released a 8-song tape on G-7 RECORDS and it’s quite allright. I’ve done this interview with Chris, who also runs G-7 RECORDS. So sit back and relax and enjoy the first interview.

1)Can you tell me how PISSED YOUTH got started, your line-up and what are your inspiration sources for the music you play?
We started in november 1999 after a drunk night at some party. The first line-up was: Mayhem – drums, Chris – Bass and a guy known as Der Pole on guitar. He was replaced by Moe in early summer 2000. After this change we improved a little bit…There’s too many inspiration sources to name, but I’ll give it a try: IMPACT UNIT, DEATHWISH, SLIGHT SLAPPER, QUILL, UNHOLY GRAVE, YACOPSAE, STIKKY, KANSAN UUTISET, BASTARDS, GOGOOL PLEX, SEPTIC DEATH, D.R.I., NEOS, LUZIFERS MOB, KKF, BGT, BRB, WBI, GANG GREEN, NEGATIVE APPROACH, SOA, RUPTURE…and countless other fucked stuff from all periods in the existence of punk…

2) What do you guys do in daily life?
As for me, I went back to school two years ago after being unemployed for a year or two. I want to graduate and go to university at one year…Violator is still rotting at school, Moe is studying in Hannover and Mayhem doesn’t do anything. He lives off the state, allthough he’s active in the antifa overhere.

3) Chris, I know you’re also active with your label G-7 RECORDS. Can you tell me something abou this label? And are the other members also active in other projects? If yes, can you tell me something about those projects?
Yes, I’ve got that label, I formed it after breaking up of CATO MAILORDER which existed from 1995-1997. I used to do the mailorder with Marco(who now runs minds.reader zine- distribution). In summer 1997 I had to move to another town so we decided to split up. He got all the zines and books. So the records were left for me and I started G-7 RECORDS. As I always wanted to do a compilation 7”EP, I began to write bands and 4 years later I almost have finished that project which is called “Onslaught”. The 7”EP will be released by the time you read this…just a half year ago I released a 7” by TRIPSCOPE together with the band. I also have projects in the works like the “Onslaught vol.2” 7”EP, a RUIDO/WADGE split-7”, a Japanese –only trash comp. 12” (supposed to be called “Far east, fast blast”) and a split 7”EP of PISSED YOUTH…besides of that I try to run the mailorder as well as I can. Therefore I have put up a internetsite at: www.G7records.de

4) If I’m correct, you guys come from Osnabruck. Can you tell me something about the scene in that city? What of things related to hardcore are happening there? Maybe yo can also tell something about the German scene in general?
Haha, damn scene, there’s nothing like that, just little groups of punks who usually don’t use to hang out together…there’s a decent number of people involved in the punk thing but there’s not much activity. The Antifa and some other little political groups are really active here, but that’s it…two years ago we tried to put up some gigs with bands from overseas, but there were no people coming to the shows, so we quit after half a year due to the lack of money…I don’t know what to say about the German scene in general as I’m not really involved with all this “scene” shit. But there’s a bunch of cool bands like YACOPSAE, STACK, KOBRA KHAN, DISCO INFERNO, BLOODRED BACTERIA, NYCTOPHOBIC and ENTRAILS MASSACRE which you might have heard of…

5) What are your lyrics about? Do they have any specific topic or totally not…?
Yeah, we have specific topics Violator screams about: Shit heads, scumbags, pricks, thugs, morons, wannabe scene blowouts, jockheads, black metal warriors, goregrind pornogangsters and all that crap that walks on the earth. To make it short our lyrics are against everything and everyone! We don’t believe in anything! We think everything shall be destroyed, including us. We try our best by the use of drugs and alcohol. Allthough there hasn’t been numurous results yet.

6) What has PISSED YOUTH released so far and what are the coming releases of PISSED YOUTH?
As far we’ve released the tape, which was recorded on a 8-track recorder in our rehearsel-rrom. Then there was five pieces of 3.5” handed out on THE OATH gig in Bremen. We are working on a split-7”EP and some compilationtracks for a double 5” to come out on TRASH FOR LIFE RECORDS from the US and a NEGATIVE FX tribute on PODRUIDO…there’s also a video compilation on the works where we’ve supposed to be on, including our very first gig, this will be released by Toni of ANAL MASSAKER in the summer I think!

7) Have you played any gigs till now and how does it feel for your guys to do concerts? How is it to play for a crowd in Germany?
We had five gigs since our forming, three of them were really great and two sucked all the way…Hmmm, it’s like playing drunk in front of a bunch of idiots moving to your crappy noise. I think that’s what I feel….

8) PISSED YOUTH, thanx for the interview, if you have something to add, mention it here…
Thanx for the interview and all your support. Keep on the good work. If there’s anybody interested in putting up a gig for us, please contact me, we play for getting drunk and fed!

This interview is outdated. I don’t know if PISSED YOUTH still exists. I can tape you their demo if you like or check the site of G-7 RECORDS!