1. What does the word Speck mean?
Speck is the german word for bacon. in english it also stands for a little dot or a tiny piece of something like for instance a fly-poh-poh. In Poland there is a town called Speck and there's a serial killer named Richard Speck. There's a bakery in Switzerland called Speck and they make the finest Specklis. Specklis are similar to doghnuts but without the hole and the jam. But gosh are they sweet!
It can also stand for Systematic Provocation Expands Cultural Knowledge.

2. I saw goes live in the Netherlands and you kicked as with your hectic hardcore, where do you get your musical influence from?
Manly from German schlager music and Tahitian folk music. Also life can be quite influential at times.

3. How's life in Swiss?
Good. Thanks.

4. Do you snowboard?
Our guitarplayer does snowboard quite well. The drummer doesn't. He actually doesn't even ski, neither does the bass player. Our singer though has broken one or two bones by skiing.

5. How's was the touring throughout Europe, is it difficult/easy to set up a tour like that?
It is super hard work to set up a tour, specially when you do it all by your self. You're confronted with malnutrition on a daily basis, all the money that you make at the shows goes directly into the gas tank and the van rental. You start to stink and after a while you look like a zombie. The upside to the whole thing is that every once in a while you meet a friendly face.
We're actually in Frankfurt right now waiting for our final show of the tour with Bolz'n from Berlin. It has been a swell week indeed, for Bolz'n are a bunch of interesting individuals and also great musicians. We promoted the new Speck E.P. "FURIA" (www.atreeinafieldrecords.com)

6. How's the hardcore scene in your country?
There is probably a scene but we don't care to much. We know of one or two cool bands and one or two nice record labels, but a hardcore "scene" never had much influence on us.

7. Where are your lyrics about?
Collecting vanilla in the jungle in the 18th century. Horses. Animals in general. Public toilets. Childhood memories. Bram Stoker's Dracula. The sound of planets. Henry Miller. Maybe a tick of Kafka, but then that one's actually a bit of a twat. Prisoners of Ultra Love.

8. Futureplans?
Go home - take a shower/bath - getting physical with the girlfriend/boyfriend/cat - read a book - watch Magnum p.i. on DVD.

visit www.speck.li or don't

mini cd Speck «Furia» out in april on www.atreeinafieldrecords.com
Speck Tour: 30.3.–8.4.2006