First of all can you give me a short biography of your band...
nihilism, nothingness, emptiness and nonsense is the agenda of total fucking destruction. our songs are true stories of life in the modern day world. Our interest is in both the music and the message, our art is our only possible response to the complicated questions that post-modern society asks of the individual human. the new total fucking destruction cd, "total fucking destruction: compact disc version 1.0", released by, in March 2005 includes all the TFD studio recordings completed so far, plus a full live set. All of this material has been re-mastered by scott hull from the world renowned grind act pig destroyer at visceral sound studios.

I've heard you did a lot of gigs all over world, and you're known as the drummer of Brutal truth, how is it to have a name like that?
' I speak the poetry i feel, but i don't dwell on it. The grind scene is a snowflake in a hot universe, no one will miss it when it is gone except the few who saw it exist for a moment. What we do is secret and our art will disappear with us when we are gone.

How do you like to be an stages worldwide and to be in zines worldwide? Is it a busy living?
With constant communication with other individuals all over the world, we understand that our ideas are not unique. A sense of dread for the future is common, even if unrealized Total fucking destruction is the ultimate reality of individual and collective humanity and we are driven to create temporary autonomous zones where we can celebrate the end of times in the style of Babylon. We long for a poetry that addresses the reality of the future and we are driven to share the bits of poetry that come to us. Last year, November 2004, TFD presented the Grind Over UK 5 tour with our friends in pig destroyer, halo and narcosis. TFD is in negotiations with hellfest, obscene extreme fest, sick as shit fest, the Maryland deathfest and the West Philadelphia Grindfest for next year. In October 2005, Tfd will headline the bones brigade label tour in Europe, along with Sylvester stalin. If anyone can help out with setting up show for the bones brigade tour, please contact: Look for TFD to bring the Grind Over Tour series to the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia South America and south east asia in 2006. If you like, we will bring our message to your city, please get in touch.

Can you live of your band or do you also have another job?
total fucking destruction is everything, all of the time. There is nothing else that matters.

Do you have a certain message that you spread out with your band?
the final purpose of each human is to die alone. The music and lyrics are our lives, and represent the future/present of the world and the end of human dignity and civilization.

What do you think of the increasing popularity of labels like Relapse?
Total fucking destruction uses repetition as a meditation upon the standardization of consumption. The standardization of consumption has provided the corporations of rich white people with a cost effective method of sedating the majority of the planet's human populations. We are all elvis now and we will all be soldiers for the glory of the corporate world-state in the fourth world war.

Do you enhance a certain belief/ yes, why do you fancy this lifestyle/belief, did you choose for it or did it just happened to you...
The human collective is destined to fail in the macroscopic level. As individuals, so many humans cause so much pain for their fellow humans and for the planet in the name of artificial, non-absolute moralities. There is no dignity or respect for the individual human, other than what you can fight for, take and cling to until your strength fails. That said, I have encountered many outstanding human individuals whom I feel have common sense and the attitudes of respect and fairness in their dealings with fellow humans. In these cases, I apply the ancient and proven wisdom of treating other people in the same manner as I feel that they should treat me.

Further more you can fill in some open space, maybe you have some comments on the questions or something else to say, let me know...
Total fucking destruction encourages all like minded individuals to please get in touch by contacting us at or or Thank you for your support.