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Revolt recordings is the name for my greatest hobby: recordtrading! I started as a tapetrader and a friend of mine was releasing compilationtapes and I followed his example. So I wrote several bands I knew to ask them permission to release some of their songs on tape. So several bands in the hardcore/punk/crust/grindcore genre participated on my compilationtapes! To name of few: BOYCOT, AGATHOCLES, INSULT, SEEIN"RED, DENAK, EXCRETED ALIVE, DISTRESS, B.S.E., C.K.N. and LD'50. After releasing 3 compilationtapes, I was through with trading records and start to focus on a release of my own band ANGRY MINDED. We managed to make some tracks and I putted the first demo "Hey sucker, I'm gonna play your brains out" with the other members of the band! Soon a livetape followed, shared with Belgium crustcoreoutfit ULRIKES'DREAM. Then I did a new compilationtape called "The dead end.." because it was the last!

In 2003 I managed to release the ANGRY MINDED "Freakcore inferno"split-EP with LD'50 in cooperation with FOLKLORE RECORDS. I also putted out some fanzines called COMPREHENSION. Because work and study took more of my time and some personal matters came along I decided to quit my label for a while. Last year I released a split-EP of EYSTON/COLLIN'KRAMER in cooperation with some other D.I.Y. orientated labels in Europe. I also managed to trade and or/sell a lot of EP's and the 3-WAY-CD (I forgot to mention this release ANVIL OF FURY did of us and I got 100 copies to sell and/or trade). So now we have a mailorder!